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World Education Services

What can an evaluation do for you?

An evaluation is your passport to education and employment. Whether you are pursuing further education, professional licensing or employment in the United States, the WES evaluation makes sure your foreign academic credentials are understood and recognized.

The WES evaluation is a document that converts educational credentials from any country in the world into their U.S. equivalents by describing each certificate, diploma or degree you have earned and stating its academic equivalency in the United States. (WES also administers a separate credential evaluation service in Canada; for more information, please visit WES Canada.)
World Education Services evaluation reports are widely accepted and often specifically requested by academic institutions, licensing boards, employers and government agencies throughout the U.S.

World Educational Services Profile

World Education Services, Inc. (WES) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in New York State in 1974, and a tax-exempt public service organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its primary goal is the dissemination of information on foreign educational systems through individual credential evaluation, research, publications, and training workshops. WES maintains U.S. offices in New York, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, and a Canadian office in Toronto.

WES credential evaluation reports are accepted by more than 1800 U.S. universities and colleges. Professional associations, licensing and regulatory boards in more than 45 states refer individuals to WES for credential evaluation, and WES reports are accepted by a broad range of corporate employers and government agencies, including the U.S. Armed Services, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Personnel Management, and the National Institutes of Health.

In its more than 25 years of service, WES has completed more than 300,000 individual evaluation reports. WES is a charter member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

The Credential Evaluation Service

Evaluation Reports:

WES evaluation reports provide an assessment of formal educational credentials only. WES evaluations are prepared using a specialized electronic database that contains information on academic institutions, educational programs and awards in 182 countries.

Evaluation Policy:

WES evaluation reports reflect organizational policy and are not the point of view of individual evaluators. WES evaluation policy is based on the most current information available on specific educational systems and credentials and reflects nationally recognized standards in foreign credential evaluation.

Information and Library Resources:

WES maintains information on comparative education, extensive annotated documents and other reference materials. More than 300,000 individual WES evaluations are archived and constitute an important source of information that is electronically accessible to evaluators.

External Resources:

WES maintains contact with various institutions and agencies in the United States and abroad and collects from them information pertaining to the evaluation of foreign educational credentials. WES is an active participant in events held by organizations such as AMIDEAST, AACRAO, NACAC, NAFSA, NAGAP and EAIE.

World Education News and Reviews/WENR
This publication, which is distributed electronically to subscribers in the U.S. and abroad, contains news on international trends in education, offers "how-to" articles on credential evaluation techniques, and profiles educational systems around the world.

World Education Workshops
These intensive training sessions are offered throughout the U.S. to university staff and teach the latest trends, research and techniques in credential evaluation and international student recruitment.

About WES

WES is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to foster the integration of persons educated in foreign countries into academic and professional settings. To this end, WES promotes and facilitates the understanding of educational qualifications through the collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of information about educational systems throughout the world.
In 1974, WES became one of the first independent organizations specializing in foreign credential evaluation.

WES pioneered a system to help institutions improve the efficiency and quality of their international admission programs.
Today, WES is the largest foreign credential evaluation service in the United States, processing about 50,000 applications annually from virtually every country in the world. WES works with individual applicants as well as with educational institutions, attorneys, businesses, and licensing agencies providing credential evaluations for:

   university admission and placement
   professional licensing and certification

WES credential evaluators have extensive experience and training in the US and foreign educational systems. Proficient in many languages, WES evaluators are sensitive to the issues and concerns of our foreign-educated international clientele. Members of the WES staff speak such languages as Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, Russian, and Spanish.

WES staff members are recognized authorities in their field who have authored numerous publications and articles about credential evaluation and education in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

WES provides training to institutions on various aspects of international education and admissions. Each year

WES schedules a nation-wide series of one- and two-day workshops for professionals in international education.

WES is a founding member of NACES (The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services). WES undertakes extensive research in the course of its credential evaluation work. In addition, WES staff is available to assist other organizations and institutions with their international education research needs.

WES publishes World Education News and Reviews, the authoritative newsletter for professionals in international education. WENR relays key information on education developments around the world, including practical "how-to" articles on credential evaluation, international admissions and recruiting.

WES maintains its headquarters in New York City; additional WES offices are located in Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. WES also administers a separate Canadian evaluation service in Toronto. (For more information, please visit WES Canada)

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