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WES Fees & Services

WES Basic Services

WES basic service includes:

   10-day service - evaluation completed and mailed (U.S. Postal Service) within 10 business days
   One official evaluation report sent to you AND one report sent to the institution of your choice
   Evaluation of ALL your formal credentials, regardless of number or complexity
   Calculation of a U.S. grade point average (for applicants who have selected education as their primary purpose)
   Permanent archiving of your evaluation and the option to obtain additional official reports at any time in the future

WES Fee Schedule

Basic Evaluation Fees

Document-by-Document Evaluation
Course-by-Course Evaluation
CPA Board Evaluation
U.S. $80
U.S. $125
U.S. $200
Which evaluation report is for you?
The following options are available for additional fees:
Rush Services
3-Day Service
Same-Day Service
add U.S. $100
add U.S. $195
Delivery Options
Overnight Courier Delivery (per address, US & Canada)
International Courier Service (per address)*
U.S. Priority Mail (per address)
U.S. Certified Mail (per address)
add U.S. $15
add U.S. $50
add U.S. $5
add U.S. $5
* - delivery times may vary

Additional Reports

Ordered at the time of application (per report)

Ordered after completion of the evaluation
add U.S. $10
First Report
Each Additional Report
add U.S. $30
add U.S. $10

NOTE: Fees are not refundable and are subject to change.

Types of Evaluations Offered

WES offers three types of evaluations:
Document-by-Document Report (U.S. $80)
A Document-by-Document evaluation identifies and describes each diploma or certificate, indicates periods of education and provides an equivalency for each document. Reports for educational institutions also contain the grade point average (GPA) equivalents.
This is the report you should order for:
Sample Document-by-Document evaluation.

Course-by-Course Report (U.S. $125)
In addition to providing all of the information contained in a Document-by-Document report, our Course-by-Course evaluation:
   lists all subjects completed at the post-secondary level
   provides a U.S. semester credit and grade equivalent for each course
   provides a U.S. grade point average (GPA) or a 4.0 scale, and
   designates the level (upper or lower) of each undergraduate course (for applicants who have selected education as their primary purpose)
This is the report you should order for:
   professional licensing
   professional certification
Sample Course-by-Course evaluation.
CPA Board Evaluation (U.S. $200)
For those applying for state Certified Public Accounting exams.
If we have already completed your evaluation, you can order additional reports from WES at any time.

Additional Services

Rush Services

We complete an evaluation within 10 business days (2 weeks) once we receive your application, all necessary documents, and payment.
We also offer rush services as follows:
3-Day Service (additional U.S. $100)
Evaluation is completed within 3 business days upon receipt of a complete application with all necessary documents and payment. For example, if we receive your complete application today, we will complete and mail your evaluation the day after tomorrow (exclusive of holidays and weekends).
Same-Day Service (additional U.S. $195)
Evaluation is completed on the same day we receive your application, as long as it is complete with all necessary documents and full payment. The application must be received by 3pm. If received after 3pm, the evaluation will be completed the following business day.

Delivery Options

The basic evaluation fee includes mailing by regular first class mail. If you need your evaluation urgently, we recommend that you choose courier delivery or priority mail, which are available for an extra fee:

   U.S. Priority Mail
   U.S. $5 per destination in the U.S. (only)
   Express Courier Delivery Service
   U.S. $15 per destination, for overnight delivery in the U.S. or Canada
   U.S. $50 per destination, for delivery overseas (delivery times may vary by country)
   International Registered Mail
   $15 per destination

If you have sent us original documents, you must choose overnight delivery, registered mail or certified mail to have your documents returned.
If you change your address, please let us know in writing to prevent unnecessary delays in the receipt of your evaluation.   

Additional Reports

Our basic fee includes sending one official report to you and--upon request--one to an institution of your choice. You may request that additional reports be sent to you and/or other institutions and individuals for an extra fee.

At The Time of Initial Application:

Additional reports requested at the time of your initial application are U.S. $10 (per report)

Requested After Completion of Original Evaluation:

WES keeps all evaluations on file and can issue official reports at any time. If you request a duplicate report at a later date, the fee is $30 for the first report and $10 for each additional report. Our processing time for issuing additional reports is 5 business days (1 week). We also offer same-day rush service for duplicate reports for an additional fee of $30, as well as courier delivery and priority mail options.

Fees for Additional Reports

First Copy
Additional Copy (per report)
Same-Day Rush Service

Fees for Mailing of Additional Reports

Domestic Express Mail Delivery (per address; U.S. & Canada)
Overseas Express Mail Delivery (per address)
Priority Mail (per address; U.S. only)

U.S. $30
U.S. $10
U.S. $30

U.S. $15
U.S. $50
U.S. $5