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Doctor Nona Kuchina.

Year 1970, the Cancer Treatment Center of the city of Minsk.
Prof. Serganinov's verdict: "An immediate surgical operation must be performed, the eye and the upper jaw must be taken out, to be followed by rays treatments and chemotherapy.
Prof. Kabakov of the Military Medical Academy of Surgery & Stomatology Dept performed the operation. Also, radiations and chemotherapy were done at the same location. Prof. Kabakov's conclusion after the operation was: “ The child has few days to live!”. However, nothing is definite in life.
Moreover, the destiny gave the little girl a chance to meet two Chinese physicians who were in a scholarship study-mission in this department. Their curing method was in introducing subcutaneous (under the skin) in bioactive spots a hypertonic solution.
Years later, the girl grew up and finished her academic studies and started working as a physician, but still she cannot forget those words: " The child has few days to live!". Those words have become a principle of her life work. It is forbidden to allow such words to have an effect while making the final decision at the bed of a sick person. She is convinced that this is the reason why she is still alive and now she must help the others to save their lives.
This girl was Nona Kuchina, Dr. NONA, as everybody calls her today. In gratitude for saving her life and decision to help the others, she has developed "Dr.Nona"'s products
that help people find better ways for healthier and longer life.

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Dr. Nona International Ltd. was established in Israel in 1994. It is the only company in Israel that develops, produces and sells products for strengthening human health, food additives, cosmetics & perfumes through a marketing multiple-stages system.
All of the high quality Dr. Nona International Ltd. products have special and unique components. Furthermore, all of the products have been tested and approved by Israeli Ministry of Health. The company's products have been also tested and approved in many other countries where they are sold, such as: Australia, Poland, Singapore, Estonia, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries.
The Dr. Nona International Ltd. company products faithful to the nature's spirit, do not include animal derivatives and none of them have been tested on animals. The capsules are made from vegetal materials and the packing can be recycled. Many of Dr. Nona International Ltd. products are based on ancient formulas that originated far back from India, Egypt and China Dr. Nona Kuchina is the initiator and the developer of "Dr. Nona" products.
Doctor Nona Kuchina is an authorized physician. After her immigration to Israel, she worked as lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of Tel-Aviv University and at the same time she conducted scientific research on "External Jugular Vein". Concurrently she opened her own private clinic where she treats and supervises the rehabilitation of people suffering from cancer, arteriosclerosis and CVA using alternative medicine.
Dr. Nona Kuchina has published 14 scientific publications unfolding the researches she conducted in the field of strengthening the human body natural immunity system, the prevention of diseases and the rehabilitation of patients after serious diseases. The multiple-stages marketing system (network marketing) - is the only system in which the company's products are sold from the first day of it's existence. At the base of Dr. Nona Kuchina scientific discovery is the combination of bioorganic and bio-mineral materials: the "Bio-Organic Mineral Complex" which is the active healing basis of all the products. The scientific discovery of the materials combination "Bio-Organic Mineral Complex" by Dr. Nona Kuchina is the foundation stone of the company bearing her name. If Dr. Nona is the heart and the soul of the company, then Mr. Moshe Shneorson is the head and the mind of the company.
Thanks to his organizational qualities and his business skills, Dr. Nona International Ltd. has been founded and is active in the world markets. Today, the Company manufactures 36 various products and the production line is growing from day to day. New cosmetics and natural food additives are in the process of being approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

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